• 1/6 DS-HF01 Happy Face Designer Version (Pre Order)


    Name: 1/6 DS-HF01 Happy Face Designer Version
    Series: Designer Series
    Model No: HF01

    Manufacturer: TIGA Studios

    Scale: 1/6
    Height: 30 cm

    Description and Background:

    "Is it just me or it's getting crazier out there"

    Happy Face is a fictional villain, who suffers from severe mental illness but little sympathy is given to him from the world. Applying our designer arts sense to re-create him in another angle - Designer and Comics Version.

    Inspiring by the movie images, this creative designer statue was born. According to the designer of this sculpture, he wants to make it half realistic and half comics. Base on the character’s features shown in movie, he re-creates it in comics drawing style. Beyond that, he further develops the idea to trendy designer level. We used to see a lot of Happy Face items in mainstream market, they are good but we are not satisfied with these. We want to explore the market in another way - a crazy villain in designer’s sense. This designer statue will be made by polystone which will give a solid feeling to the works. This is definitely a must-have high quality collectible item for all fans.

    ● Material: Polystone, Resin
    ● Designer and Comics style
    ● Exchangeable hand: one hand holding a gun and one without
    ● Collectible quality

    About TIGA Studios:
    We are a group of serious collectors of high quality of action figures, plastic models and statues. We have board interests from American Superheroes to Japan Super Robots. Not only do we purchase and collect quality and rare items from the market, we also have the passion to create our own products from our own thoughts and imaginations. As a serious collector, we always have our own concepts of designs and arts scenes that we hope the mainstream brand is able to fulfil our desires. However, it is not easy to convince the brand or the licensors to make it. 

    We understand the market more than anyone in the market.

    Now, a small group of passionated fans joined together and hope to create some creative statue from a new angle. TIGA Studios focuses in grouping passionated illustrators, designers, sculptors, painters and manufacturers together without boundaries. We are no newbies in the market, but we are experienced players in the industry. Most members in our group had cooperated with many well-known collectible toy brands in last 10 years. With our strong experiences in action figure and statue projects, we are confidence that our creative designs of works can be executed smoothly and in high quality.

    We commit that we will not follow the mainstream of works in the market. We don’t need to be big but we want to dream big. 

    TIGA Studios, 2019