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Metal Robot Spirits EX-S Gundam


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Ka signature 5th anniversary, Mr. Kataki Hajime's initial masterpiece "Ex-S (Ikusu) Gundam" appeared in the soul of METAL ROBOT! It is!

A reinforced type of protagonist machine S Gundam that appears in the magazine project "Gundam Sentinel". Blue splitter wearing camouflage, product specifications with coloring expression as a METAL ROBOT soul and a heavy feeling.

By opening and closing the shoulder armor and moving the stabilizer wing, it is possible to express UP of density and expressions at the time of posing.
Die-cast material is adopted as the structure part, directing strength and heavy feeling, securing interlocking of armor and range of motion.
Booster unit has gimmick which changes angle. Large caliber beam · Canon also moves with posing.
Opening and closing and attaching / detaching of the reflector · incom part. Furthermore, it is possible to reproduce the firing state using cables.
Beam · smart gun has built-in expansion / contraction function. In addition, a rotating gimmick is built in the disk / radome.