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    Sometimes you gotta Run before you can Walk - Tony Stark

    Toylaxy team is so excited to present to you the first in the world Iron Man Hall of Armor. We are the first studio that crazy enough to not just give you the Iron Man in our style but we actually give you the Hall of Armor and another two armors which are MI Gold which was the first armor Tony wore on the cover of the first avenger comic and Silver Centurion which was one of the most famous armor that come in red and silver color. 

    The Set will come with 3 Armors : M4 , M1 Gold , and Silver Centurion. We also give you two Tony Stark Heads , two Tony Stark necks ( forward neck and right turn neck ) , and two M4 arms to switch into normal post and to be able to replace M4 into the containers.  

    History of Each Armors 

    The Golden Avenger First Appearance Tales of Suspense Issue 40 1963 

    When Tony Stark decided to keep on doing the superhero thing after he got back from his stint overseas, he realized his outfit needed a few enhancements. Giving the rusty exterior a fresh cost of gold paint. 

    The Silver Centurion First Appearance Iron Man Issue 200 1985

    Tony Stark first debuted the Silver Centurion armor in an effort to defeat Obadish Stane in Iron Man Issue 200, At the time, this design differed greatly from past armors because of its distinctive silver and red color scheme, as well as its bulkier frame and angular features. This suit debuted during a time when the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and the Hulk all sported new costumes and skin tones, so the Silver Centurion fit in with a growing trend. 

    The Classic Red and Gold Armor First Appearance Iron Man issue 85 1976

    For longtime fans of Iron Man, this is how the character looks when you close your eyes and picture him. The classic red and gold armor is the standard by which all others are judged. Debuting 13 years after the character's creation, this suit features all of the weapons and gadgets that are staples of his armory today, and it left of his previous armors looking like prehistoric relics in the process. 

    CR - The Complete Evolution of the Iron Man Suit by Jason Serafino.