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    Elektra Natchios, the daughter of a Greek ambassador, studied the martial arts as an adolescent. While in the US with her father, she began studies in political science at New York's Columbia University. There she met another student, Matthew Murdock, who would later become Daredevil. Murdock revealed to her that he had superhuman senses that compensated for his blindness, and they fell in love. A year later, Elektra and her father were held hostage by terrorists in a building on campus. Wearing a scarf as a mask, Murdock with Elektra's help defeated the terrorists. However, a policeman mistook Elektra's father for one of the terrorists and shot him dead. Emotionally shattered, Elektra decided she no longer believed in the law and wanted to withdraw from the world.

    The Elektra Premium Collectibles statue features:

    • Approximately 47 cm tall (head to toe)
    • Two (2) interchangeable left and right arms (Holding Katanas and Sai) for alternate display
    • Two (2) interchangeable heads for alternate display
    • Crafted from cold-cast porcelain
    • Art print by Studio Hive
    • Limited edition : 700



    • Philips Tan (Design and Concept Collaboration with XM Studios)
    • Mufizal (Sculpt)
    • XM Studios Design and Development Team

    Manufactured by: 
    XM Studios


    Product size : 63 cm H X 30cm L X 25cm B
    Est. Box Size : 68cm H X 35cm L X 30cm B
    Est. Product Weight : 15.5kg