• XM Studio 1/4 Poison Ivy <SAMURAI> (Sold out)


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    Inspired by the alluring geishas, Poison Ivy is dressed in an incredibly detailed Kimono, a sensual costume worn by the most beautiful women, whose charm cannot be resisted by men. Naturally, the role of the ultimate seductress is embodied perfectly by Poison Ivy, the most irresistible femme fatale in the DC universe. Display Ivy with her geisha white make up look and hair or choose a more modern portrait holding a mask, teasingly hiding her beautiful face. Choose if Ivy carries an intricately designed umbrella, with real paper to carry off a more demure demeanor or have her hold a paper fan for a coy and inviting look. Our attention to details extends to the base where cherry blossoms fused with dangerous protector pet plants of Ivy's.  Perhaps the most detailed and beautiful female statue made by us, we are confident Poison Ivy will not disappoint - for none can resist her charms!

    The Poison Ivy Premium Collectibles statue features:

    • Crafted from cold-cast porcelain

    • Includes two (2) head sculpts; Traditional Geisha Make up and Hair; Modern Make up and Hair) 

    • Two (2) interchangeable right arms (Holding intricate designed umbrella/fan)

    • Two (2) interchangeable left arms (Holding Mask)

    • Exclusively designed cherry blossom plants

    • Special Art print 

    • Limited edition : MTO



    • XM Studios, HMO and Studio Hive (Creators and Designers)

    • 'Carry' Marthin Agusta (Sculpt)

    • XM Studios Design and Development Team

    Manufactured by: 
    XM Studios