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    When Daniel Rand was nine, his father, Wendell Rand decided to bring him to K'un-Lun, a mystical city that materializes in the Himalayas once a decade. Accompanied by Rand's business partner Harold Meachum, they traveled to the Himalayas, but Wendell fell from a mountain ledge; clutching the edge, he called to Meachum for help, but Meachum, hoping to control Rand's business shares, caused Wendell to plunge to his death.  Shortly afterward, his mother Heather sacrificed her life to protect Daniel from a wolf pack. Vowing to avenge his parents, Daniel Rand studied martial arts under Lei Kung while growing up in K'un-Lun. At nineteen, Rand requested and earned an opportunity to win the power of the Iron Fist by confronting Shou-Lao the Undying, whose power resided within a flaming brazier. Rand slew Shou-Lao, a feat no other warrior had ever accomplished, and plunged his hands into the brazier, imbuing himself with the mystic energy of the Iron Fist.

    The Iron Fist Premium Collectibles statue features:

    • Two (2) interchangeable poses for alternate display

    • Crafted from cold-cast porcelain 

    • Limited edition : 600

    • Art print by Studio Hive



    • Studio HIVE (Illustrator, Design and Concept Collaboration with XM Studios)

    • Daniel Bel (Sculpt)

    • XM Studios Design and Development Team

    Manufactured by: 
    XM Studios


    Product size : 50 cm  H X 39 cm L X 53 cm B

    Est. Box Size : 60 cm H X 49 cm L X 63 cm B

    Est. Product Weight : 12.5 kg

    Est. shipping weight : 22 kg